Trump’s Cabinet Picks

Rex Tillerson

Secretary of State
CEO, ExxonMobil

Rex Tillerson, a Candidate for Secretary of State, Has Ties to Vladimir Putin (Wall Street Journal – 12/6/2016)

GOP senators challenge Trump on secretary of state prospect’s Russia ties (Fox News – 12/11/2016)

Steve Mnuchin

Secretary of Treasury
Former Goldman Sachs partner

Trump Treasury pick made millions after his bank foreclosed on homeowners Bank with Steven Mnuchin on the board filed to take a 90-year-old woman’s house after a 27-cent payment error. (Politico – 12/1/2016, Updated: 1/24/2017

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Nominee, Failed to Disclose $100 Million in Assets (New York Times – 1/19/2017)

Memo To Steven Mnuchin: Trump’s Tax Plan Would Add $7 Trillion To The Debt Over 10 Years (Forbes – 1/19/2017)

Steve Mnuchin’s Controversial History With the Foreclosure Crisis (ABC News – 1/19/2017)

Nominating Mnuchin for Treasury Will Dredge Up Mortgage Meltdown Controversies (Bloomberg – 11/21/2016)

Steven Mnuchin’s Defining Moment: Seizing Opportunity From the Financial Crisis Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury secretary made millions buying failed IndyMac and has résumé at odds with president-elect’s campaign rhetoric (Wall Street Journal – 12/1/2016)

There’s a long list of reasons people might not like Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary (Business Insider – 11/30/2016)

From IndyMac to OneWest: Steven Mnuchin’s Big Score (Bloomberg – March 22, 2012)

Rick Perry

Secretary of Energy

Ryan Zinke

Secretary of Interior

James Mattis

Secretary of Defense (Confirmed)


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