National Park Has Expertly Timed Tweets As Trump Plots Anti-Muslim Policy | The Huffington Post

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A day after the Badlands National Park account began tweeting out climate change facts — only to have the tweets later disappear — another national park account appears to be going rogue in the face of President Donald Trump’s new policies. 

The Death Valley National Park Service has been tweeting not only about climate science, but also about the World War II imprisonment of Japanese Americans.


Today in Trump’s America was the worst day yet

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Slate, JAN. 25 2017

You’re not wrong; today was the worst day yet. On Wednesday, the president of the United States made historic moves to recast the country as an angry, insular nation, one that recoils from the world around it and casts suspicion on those within and without. This is the America Donald Trump envisoned; this is the America he campaigned on; this is the country he’s delivering. Here’s what happened on the worst day in Trump’s America so far.

  • Voter Fraud Scam Investigation
  • Build the wall
  • Anti-immigrant
  • Banning immigrants from Muslim countries
  • Reinstating torture
  • Refugees rejected
  • Letting protections for indocumented immigrants who arrived as children expire

Federal Workers Told To Halt External Communication In First Week Under Trump | The Huffington Post

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Staff have been told to stop talking to Congress and the press.

Multiple federal agencies have told their employees to cease communications with members of Congress and the press, sources have told The Huffington Post.

The freeze has startled aides on the Hill and people at those agencies, who worry that it could abruptly upend current operations and stifle work and discussions that routinely take place between branches of government.

Why are some federal agencies under a reported media lockdown? | PBS NewsHour

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According to various news outlets, the Trump administration is attempting to limit the flow of information out of key government agencies. EPA staff are reportedly banned from sending press releases or posting to social media, and the Interior Department and Agriculture Department face similar orders. The White House denies those claims. Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post joins Jeffrey Brown.

Mexican president rebuffs Trump on wall executive order | TheHill

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From IndyMac to OneWest: Steven Mnuchin’s Big Score (Bloomberg – March 22, 2012)

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From IndyMac to OneWest: Steven Mnuchin’s Big Score

March 22, 2012, 5:35 PM CDT
In the fall of 2008 very few institutions or individuals were looking to go long on mortgages and mortgage-backed debt. Mnuchin was one. He soon persuaded others, including John Paulson, George Soros, and Chris Flowers. Together they purchased IndyMac, whose primary assets were $23.5 billion in commercial loans, mortgages, and mortgage-backed securities. How risky was the investment? When the FDIC was looking to sell IndyMac, Mnuchin was the only bidder for all of the bank’s assets. He’s since turned OneWest into Southern California’s largest bank, with more than 79 branches and $27 billion in assets. His bet on IndyMac’s portfolio of troubled loans has proved to be a hugely profitable one, as the mortgage market has stabilized. It’s a success story he’s proud of, yet reticent about celebrating too excessively lest those protestors march back up to Bel Air.
“What I’d say is this …” he says when asked about the IndyMac purchase. “In 2008 the world was a scary place. When we agreed to buy the bank, committing capital to the financial system was viewed as a pretty risky proposition.” As he says this, he allows the faintest of grins. Almost as soon as it appears, he suppresses it. Perhaps more than any other lender in the U.S., OneWest has benefited from the transformation of the banking industry since the financial crisis. The question is whether that’s due solely to Mnuchin’s nimbleness and acumen—or whether, from the start, the deck was stacked in his favor.
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